Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Barielle Spring Vibrants - Swatches & Review

Hello, all! Sorry for my hiatus, I've been super busy with work, the gym and a little side project for a friend of mine. Today I've got the Barielle Vibrants collection for Spring to share with you all! I love these shades so much! They are just what the collection states, vibrant! Most of these were really easy to work with, though the formula in some did leave a little to be desired. Regardless, I love that this is an entire collection of cremes that just make me weak in the knees. 

Wowza! Fire Me Up is an ORANGE polish! I think orange polishes are the most underrated colors - I just love how vibrant and fantastic this color is. I don't think I've got anything like it. This is a creme polish that reached opacity in 2 coats and had a great formula. 
This is a bright pink creme with a pretty good formula. It's a fun and bright pink and while I normally stray away from bright pinks like this, I really like how this one looked on. Shown is 3 coats because I encountered some streaking near my cuticles, but it was still easy enough to work with. 
This is a stunning light grey/blue creme and I am obsessed with it! It's such a fantastic color all by itself but I can definitely see myself wearing it on it's own. It had a great formula and the application was a breeze. I can already tell this is going to make some appearances in my nail art. Shown is 2 coats. 
Remember how I mentioned that one of the formulas left something to be desired? It's Money Talks. It's a mint green creme and the formula was just...ugh. It was streaky and chalky and it took me 3-4 coats to reach opacity. I also encountered a weird issue when I applied my top coat. It changed the polish color! If you look closely, my nail color is a bit more green than the polish bottle. For whatever reason, the pigment that is used in greens like this (I've also encountered this with Butter London's Slapper) doesn't play nice with top coat. I used both Seche Vite and KBShimmer's Clearly on Top thinking that maybe Seche Vite was reacting poorly to it, but both caused the weird color change. I really love this color and even though the ultimate color wasn't what I was expecting, I still can't help but love this shade. If you're willing to put up with all the weird and random cons of this polish, it's a stunning color to add to your collection. 
Ugh! In LOVE with this color. It's so beautiful! It is such a wonderful periwinkle creme that has a good formula. This is on the pastel side of purple so you won't feel like it's too overwhelming while wearing it and I think it's a great take on the spring shades we've been seeing. Just love this one! Shown is 2 coats. 
First Class Ticket
First Class Ticket is another beautiful blue. I really love the color of this on and in the bottle, but unfortunately, the same issue I had with Money Talks occurred with this one. For whatever reason, my top coat slightly changed the color of this. I really like how both colors look so I don't mind too much, but it is something to keep in mind. The formula itself on this one was much better, however, and I worn this color by itself for a few days because it's just so lovely. Shown is 2 coats. 
I really like this collection! There are some really great colors that I can see myself wearing throughout the next few months and even though there are some issues with the formula, if you're in love with the color and are patient, you can easily make these work for you. My favorites from this collection would have to be My City Apartment and Designer's Shoes (with First Class Ticket being a favorite color). 

You can purchase these from Barielle for $8.00/bottle and be sure to check them out on their Facebook for new collections and promotions :) 

What do you think of this collection? Any favorites? 

Happy Polishing! :)