Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Digital Dozen does Monochrome - Day 4: Silhouette Flowers

As promised, I'm slowly trying to get through monochrome week on The Digital Dozen. Although everyone is all finished with their posts (they rocked it this week! Check out their inlinkz below), I want to still get my posts up and be able to say that I have finished 3 challenges! I'm still counting it as completed despite being super late in finishing it ;) 

When looking for inspiration, I typically browse page upon page of content and will have about 20 tabs open of things that I think I might want to do. What I'm really waiting for though, is that one image that is so perfect and inspiring that it will immediately cause me to close all of those other 20 tabs and immediately start painting.  Today, these fabulous vector stock photos did that for me. 

I ended up doing a slightly simplified version of the image I found, but I think they're still fairly close to the original. It should have been a pretty straight forward look, but for whatever reason, my ring finger was not into being a part of the design. I had to redo it 3 times and I almost gave up on the entire look because of it. Does anyone else ever have one nail that refuses to cooperate no matter what you do?
This is a pretty straight forward design. I started with a base of China Glaze's White on White and then I used my Loew Cornell 18/0 script brush and black acrylic paint to paint the flower silhouettes (I have to spell the word silhouette about 5 times before I get it's just one of those words!). 
I originally started this design with Zoya's Purity as my base and I was super excited to use it since I just got it from their recent 3-free promo...I could not be more disappointed in that polish :( It was so thick yet still need 3 coats to reach opacity and did not do it for me. I should have just bought white out because that's what I felt like I was applying. Has anyone else had this problem? Am I being a dunce and just not applying it correctly? 
Anyway, hopefully I'll have the final monochrome look for you tomorrow! As part of my personal new year's resolutions, I'm trying to read more, so my plan for the rest of the evening is to relax with a good book. Any recommendations? 
 What do you think of this look? Definitely monochrome! 

Happy Polishing :)