Thursday, August 29, 2013

Abstract Tulips

When I first received my Winstonia brushes, I knew I wanted to do something intricate and detailed to show the versatility and capabilities of the brushes. Well, I actually did 2 different manicures before I settled on my Sofa King Bueno nails. Not really sure why I didn't feel like these were worthy of being used for my review. But, after letting these photos sit on my computer for a few weeks, I realized that I actually really liked what I created. I recreated a pattern created by Gill of Pattern Addict, but she no longer has the print up on her site :(  

I think my biggest struggle with doing reviews is that I know I've got a funky style and I know that that doesn't "do" it for everyone. I always get super self conscious and paranoid that I'm not going to make the person I'm reviewing for happy - does this happen to anyone else?! Haha alright, end rambling, here's my abstract tulip mani! I so so so love how these turned out and I wish I had shared them sooner!

The only brush I used for this look was the #0 brush from this set and it's works fabulously (use code WONDROUSLY for 10% off of these!). I used several different brands for this look and multiple layers of tulips. I started with a base of OPIs My Vampire is Buff and used my brush to do the first level of tulips with French Quarter for Your Thoughts
I let that dry and moved on to the color! Love me some color! I went with China Glaze's Sunday Funday (blue) and Budding Romance (green) to paint the next layer of tulips and finally added in the leaf accent brown with Zoya's Louise. 
I loved these so much and I'm just obsessed with MVIB with blues and greens - they're meant to be together! I'll be posting the second mani I did with my Winstonia brushes shortly so stay tuned! 

Happy Polishing :)