Saturday, August 17, 2013

31 Day Nail art Challenge - Day 11: Polka Dots

I'm so sorry that I'm posting this mani late - I suppose that's par for the course for me this challenge, but I'm still fighting this silly cold and it's seriously kicking my butt. I'm so tired! 

I was so excited about today's theme. I've been wanting to do a scene of some sort using polka dots for awhile and haven't had an excuse to do so lately. However, when I sat down to do the design that I've been thinking about for a long while, I was suddenly uninspired by that concept. To my frustration, my tastes vary per day - some days I'm feeling floral and other I'm feeling tribal or geometric (or anywhere in between!) and even if I had loved an idea the night before, suddenly I'll hate it the next day. Does this happen to anyone else?! 

Anyway! I recently splurged and bought OPI's Euro Centrale collection (I know everyone is obsessing over the San Francisco collection, but I'm really not feeling it) and I really wanted to use some of those polishes in today's look. I ended up doing a funky and simple triangle pattern with some tribal print undertones and I really love how it turned out. It definitely shows the touch of the hand, but I like that so much. When I think of Polka Dots, I tend to think of larger dots than these, but I think I'm still staying within the theme for today. 

This was a really simple look to create, but definitely requires some patience to get your dots evening spaced and sized similarly. I used OPI's My Vampire is Buff as my base (big surprise there!) and then I used the smallest dotting tool I have (which is probably equivalent to a thick needle) with OPI's OPI...Eurso Euro to do one straight line across my nail with then added in the triangles lines. I repeated these steps with the light purple (OPI's You're Such a Budapest) and the red (OPI's My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours) to finish off the look. Funny how You're Such A Budapest looks like a light blue next to these colors!
I feel like I need a dress made out of this pattern and coloring - I think it would be so fun! Hopefully everyone is having a fabulous Saturday! 

Happy Polishing :)