Friday, June 28, 2013

Monster's University! :D

One of my all time favorite movies has to be Pixar's Monster's Inc. I went and saw it for the first time for my 11th Birthday party way back in 2001 and always enjoy re-watching it. It's so incredibly clever, funny and just plain stunning to watch (those animations are spectacular!). To say I was excited about the prequel to Mike and Sulley's story was an understatement. I forced Bryce to tell me that he was also, in fact, just as excited as I was about the coming movie, though I knew he's really a Toy Story kid at heart ;) 

For those who don't know, the two main characters in the movie are Mike Wazowski, a green, short and round, one-eyed monster, and James P. Sullivan (aka "Sulley"), a big blue and purple spotted fluffy monsters. I love them both. Here they are in the latest movie. 

Well, the Monster's Inc. tradition is about to come full circle! A friend of mine's daughter turns 11 today...and guess what movie we're all going to see to celebrate?!? Yup, Monster's University! I knew I couldn't go see this prequel until I had matching Monster's Inc. nails to go with me, so I made sure to show my MU pride before heading out.

Hopefully it's pretty clear what is on each nail, but I figure it doesn't hurt to explain just in case. My index finger is Mike's face, the middle finger is the Monster's University logo, and the ring and pinky are supposed to be Sulley's hair! The thumb is a little funky, but it's intended to be Boo's closet door with Sulley's tail disappearing inside. 
Do you have a favorite Pixar film? I love Monster's Inc, but are also SO many other great films to come out of the studio!! :D

Happy Polishing!