Friday, March 1, 2013

Simple Tribal Print & Zoya's Avery

Something super quick and simple tonight...I'm tired! Thankfully it's Friday today! I ended up using Zoya's Avery as my base color and a nude polish like this tends to create mannequin know, like no finger nails and what not. So I went in with my striping brush and made a simple tribal pattern of sorts. I really like how these look in person. They didn't photograph as well as I'd hoped - so many imperfections! - but I like these nonetheless :)

These are really easy to create. Just take your striping brush and and draw three black lines, evenly spaced. Then go in and add your chevrons with the same black striper. Finally, paint in your different a coloring book :) If you've gotten things a bit messy, just go back over your line work with the black until you've got a straight and even line. 

 Happy Polishing :)