Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition

nothing to disclose 

Hello, my friends! I have an extra special edition of Paint All the Nails to share today! Usually our group votes on one theme and each of us comes up with our own manicure inspired by that theme. However, this month, we're doing a special Secret Santa edition! That means, each of us were assigned another group member to be inspired by! Essentially, it was an amazing opportunity to pour over past posts from our talented members and really appreciate all they're capable of creating with nail art <3

So! The big reveal! My Secret Santa was....*drum rolllllll*....Jenny from Lavish Layerings! :D Jenny is both master swatcher and talented nail artist! Her photos are always beautifully done and her posts and reviews are thoughtful and drool worthy. I love seeing her photos pop up in my feed! Needless to say, I was happy to get the chance to look through even more of her posts.

While going through Jenny's nail art looks, I ended up with about 20 different tabs open because I couldn't decide which one to recreate. But then I came across this design and had one of those moments where I just knew I needed to recreate that look. Plus, how could I say no to doing a floral manicure!? ;)

I love the simplicity of this look and it's a nice refreshing mani for this cold time of year.

For this look, I used Zoya's Cecilia for the teal on my index and pinky finger, and the flowers were done with Zoya's Nana, Demetria, and Pippa. The white and black is acrylic paints.

I can't say I've really done a negative space mani with floral before and I love how it turned out. Hopefully I did Jenny's original look proud! :D

Be sure to check out more of Jenny's work on your favorite social media sites!

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And check out the inlinkz below to see all the other looks created for today's post! I CAN NOT WAIT to see who my Secret Santa was! :D

Happy Polishing :)