Thursday, June 18, 2015

Polished for Days - Summer Days 2.0, Part 1: Swatches, Review & Nail Art

Hello, all! I have a great group of polishes to share with you today! Jenna over at Polished For Days is about to release a 12 piece summer collection and I have the first 6 to share right now (I'll have the second part up tomorrow)! I've reviewed a few of Jenna's polishes in the past and really enjoyed them so I was very excited to try out this collection as well!
The Summer Days 2.0 collection consists of a mix of cremes, crellies, holos, and glitter toppers and I love that it manages to combine a beachy feel with the fun neons that are so on trend right now. Each polish has a nice little twist to make it unique and all the formulas so far have been spot on! I've also done a bit of nail art with each polish, so let's take a look!
H2O Melon is an off-white (maybe even slightly light, mint green tinted??) creme packed neon pink and green glitters and it is to die for. I think I've expressed by love of white based polishes before so this one speaks to me tremendously! The formula was spot on, not too thick or thin, and for such a light based polish, 2 coats was practically opaque, though I've shown 3 here.
And, since this has melon in the name and boasts some fun pink and green glitters, I painted some silly watermelons on my tips! 
Hibis-Kiss is a bright neon pink creme with a very subtle iridescent shimmer mixed in. A great summer shade for sure! The formula is really nice as well, though it wasn't fully self-leveling, but 2-3 coats smoothed everything out nicely. Pinks like this are making me like pink polishes more and more! This one dries to a semi-matte finish, so shown is with top coat.
Keeping in line with the polish name, I painted some simple hibiscus flowers over this one. 
Don't Over Pink It is a dusty pink crelly with blue and silver micro, square, hex, and circle glitters. It's a really great shade of pink, not too in your face and slightly more wearable for day to day than Hibis-Kiss might be for some. The first coat was slightly sheer, but a second coat was all it needed to reach full opacity.
Not wanting to over think it ;) I just painted some simple stripes in an abstract pattern over this one. 
Peach Beach is similar to Don't Over Pink It but a pale coral version instead. It has similar blue and white glitters and this one is really fab in my opinion. I love orange and blue together so this makes my heart happy! Shown is 2 coats.
As I mentioned, I loved orange and blue together so I kept with that theme and painted a tiny floral scene over this one. Love how it turned out! 
Mint to Be is a pastel neon green with the same subtle shimmer as Hibis-Kiss. This is a similar hue to a few other greens I've tried lately, but the added shimmer makes this one stand out just a little more :) The formula was also similar to Hibis-Kiss and shown is 3 coats with top coat.
Mint leaves galore! 
For Shore is a soft teal creme, again with the mild shimmer finish. In dim lighting, it looks like a powdered blue, but in direct light (like my photos) it's much more teal and vivid. Really pretty shade! The formula was the best of the cremes and shown is 3 self-leveling coats.
Again with my favorite orange and blue hued theme! I painted some simple roses over this one. Another fav of this collection :) 
Overall, I'm really loving the first half of this collection. The formulas are really easy to work with and while it's a very bright set, there are some very wearable shades included in the mix. I love how they all look together!

You can purchase these and the rest of the Summer Days 2.0 collection beginning Saturday, 6/20 or if you can't wait, check out some of the other polishes currently in the Polished for Days shop. Be sure to follow Polished for Days on your favorite social media site to stay up to date with the latest collection, promotions, and release dates/times!

How do you like these? Any one shade in particular calling your name? Excited to see Part 2 tomorrow?! ;) Let me know what you think!