Monday, August 5, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - 3D Flower Decals

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Tonight I have a review of some cute 3D flower decals from the Born Pretty Store! I really love nail art products from here because there are just so many fun, easy AND inexpensive products to choose from. It seems like they have new items up every time I look through their site (and they don't have just nail art supplies - I can get in trouble over there! ;) )

The nail art decals that I chose are super easy to use and really cute and pretty to wear. These decal easily peal off of the plastic film they come on and I'd say for the price, you get a TON of these things. There are 12 different styles ranging from roses, to daisies, to feathers and each style have variations therein. There are 25+ decals per style so overall, you get roughly 300 decals for a little under $5 (or cheaper with my 10% off code - SRL91!).

What I really appreciate about this set is the variety. For my first mani, I went with Julep's Francis and decal number TJ019. I love love love the fact that they provided a shape that would fit just perfectly in the curve around my cuticle! I think these are so pretty and add a unique and easy version of the half-moon technique with absolutely no effort at all.
There are very minimal instructions included with these but they are easy enough to use. Paint your base polish and let dry completely. This will make it easier to reposition the decal if you aim poorly your first few times ;) I used tweezers to place them were I wanted. The instructions also recommend that you place 2 coats of top coat over the top of these, but I had some issues with that. My top coat sort of bunched up around the edge of the decal which you can kind of tell in the first mani. For the second mani, I went without the top coat and I think it looks better. The only foreseeable problem with this is likely reduced durability of the decal but I think it's an okay compromise. These are also super easy to remove with some acetone - a bit more work than normal polish, but nothing you can't handle! **Ninja edit: so after not using a top coat, the decals peeled off fairly quickly so I'd recommend using a thinner top coat that hopefully won't bunch :) **
This look is Julep's Nellie with decal number TJ013.
Overall, these seem like a really quick and easy way to add that extra little something to any simple mani. I think if you use a thinner top coat you won't have issues with the decals bunching in any way. I can definitely see myself using these on an accent nail in the future. Be sure to use my code SRL91 to receive free shipping and 10% off your entire purchase! There only needs to be one more purchase with my code and then I get to host a giveaway for you guys!!

Happy Polishing :)